Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A typical day - girls aged 6 and 2

The following is an excerpt from a home educating family's weblog:

Actually, in many respects it was. We forgot about it to start with
[fairly typical!] BB woke up way to early [fairly typical] Chris
eventually went down with her leaving me to have a lie in [fairly
typical for the weekend!] An brought me breakfast in bed of croissants -
not at all typical! Bored now with saying the typical bits!

Errr, its amazing how much you can forget. Have got flic
uploading wildly. Honestly Chris P, I put up too many photos even
for me, but its much quicker than sorting them out! One day I will, I

playing who's who

Anyway, at sometime after 11 we started taking photos, and not at all
sure what went on before that, as that was with Chris whilst I was
reading the paper! But when I was surfaced enough to remember we were
taking photos and also to interact, we played who's
. BB insists on playing, so not exactly to
the rules, but enjoyed! BB and I then spent some time hammering baby
toys and playing with the rainbow blocks to make lots of noise, and then
constructing brio and making the trains chug around
[always a baby train and a mummy train with BB!]. We also did a bit of
looking after and watering the plants in the conservatory.

IMG_5821 IMG_5810
I had suggested to SB that she might do some education
city as we have paid for it and she hasn't done any for ages and ages.
SHe fancied webland, so whilst chris got the next edition downloaded, I
read a story from the barefoot book of mothers and daughters
- the persephone and demeter story which SB knows well, having
had a mad love affair with greek myths and legends. SB then spent HOURS
on webland! Not very interesting to photo! We had also missed april's
edition, so she did all of May followed by all of April. BB also did
some poisson rouge. In a moment of pure inspiration I
have put a hand sticker on the left click of all our mice! She now knows
which bit to click - hooray! Also getting more controlled with the mouse
movt. Does have her mother's patience though. wiggling it wildly when it
didn't go where she wanted.



Had lunch and SB returned to do some more webland. I was bored with
this, and checked the mail - hooray her new sports sunglasses arrived.
[should stay on as she twizzles about on swings and cycles]. The low
start of ebay price was completely overmade up by postage - 6 times the
cost!!! i did factor that in though.


BB desperate to do some painting, and SB wanted to make
a princess hat, so combined the 2 activities. At least
half our paints were put into pots though - gradually getting SB to take
responsibility for setting out and tidying away crafts. hmm She did sort
of set out, I totally tidied! Anyway, she and BB painted the hats, and
then carried on with further painting. SB did a particularly beautifully
coloured handprint. Eventually they declared themselves painted out, and
a quick hose down and they went outside to play.

IMG_5848 IMG_5852

SB and BB scootered/triked about for a bit, but SB hurt
her poorly
, so I re-dressed it, and she read a book about
food through the ages with intermittent waily patches.
I made them some popcorn to eat. BB played Bob the
, moving dirt around the garden, and generally enjoyed
rampaging about, playing hide and seek etc.

IMG_5862 IMG_5865

IMG_5887 quiet moment

SB got fed up reading the book, and wanted to make the egyptian
s we have made in the past from the 120 history
book. it was sold to BB as a snail cake - the word
cake enticing her in from the garden to join in! SO we added mess onto
mess in the kitchen, and all enjoyed making the egyptian sweet bread. BB
and SB enjoyed competitive flour and butter rubbing, so there was a fair
bit of loss!!

IMG_5901 make light work

Daddy had been to the shops btw as we were all out of food. He returned
as the egyptian breads were put in the oven, and didn't blanch too much
at the appearance of the kitchen. BB being up for over 12 hours was
swept off to a bath, and SB has been outside again while I have done
this and put flickrs onto the uploader. We do plant to perhaps sellotape
the hats up before bed, and SB has promised a violin
of frere jaques - she will moan when she has to do it
after tea, but it has been the only non-negotiable thing to do today! SO
since we have done all the autonomy, its time to do the violin! I will
obviously be adding photos after the girls gone to bed!

follow up! Well, I had set that up, but chris rebooted 'puter
without checking whether I was doing anything! SB did the violin with
enthusiasm - and very pleased that a nearly recognisable tune coming!
read britannia, and she read a young usborne
book [and is in fact still reading it]. Joining up the
hats will need to wait till tomorrow, as will eating the egyptian

A New Ancient Egyptian sweet bread!


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