Thursday, 6 November 2008

How to contribute stories

To contribute stories of home education (parents and/or children), please send an email to with:

1. a title for your story
2. your story (either clearly marked as such in the body of your email, or attached as a Word doc.)
3. your name as you'd like it to appear (if you want it to appear)
4. the topics you suggest we list it under - don't worry if you think it belongs in a category we haven't got listed already as we hope our topic list will grow as our bank of stories grows.

Wondering what to write about?
Anything that might interest someone wanting to know more about how home education works for different families - either someone new to home education, wanting to learn more about how it really works for families before leaping in themselves, or families already doing it but wanting more ideas.

Some ideas: how and when your child learnt to read; the story of when you deregistered your child; about your local home ed group and what you do there; about how you go about home educating your child with SEN; about your experiences with your LA; about the approach you take as a family; about an activity you've stumbled upon as a family that you'd like to share. This list isn't complete though...we can keep adding to it!

Does it need to be something new?
No. Maybe you've got an old blog post that you think would help other families. Or maybe you remember writing an email to a friend when you first started home educating and you think it would be interesting to other families. Your family's education philosophy, if you've written one, might be something that would help other HEors. Or write something from scratch if you like. Whatever you prefer!

How long should it be?
As long or as short as you like - this isn't intended to be published as a book or a journal, so there's no need for a word limit. Bear in mind,though, that very long stories may not be so easy to read, but don't leave things out just to make it short if everything is important to the story. I'm happy to edit things if you like, or leave it be if you'd prefer. It doesn't need to be perfect either - just interesting or helpful!

Can I include a link to my website in my story?
Yes please! This website is meant to be a support for parents, so links to websites relevant to the stories would be a wonderful way to provide pointers to parents for even more support.

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